therapeutic mission________________

therapeutic mission

Lead program - Type 1 Diabetes Prevention >

Provention Bio’s strategy is to develop and commercialize novel agents, therapeutics and cutting edge solutions to intercept and prevent immune-mediated disease. We foresee substantial opportunity to pre-empt, slow and reverse the progression of a variety of chronic immune-mediated and inflammatory diseases by identifying and targeting at-risk individuals, focusing on potential pre-disease states, and developing “upstream” mechanisms of action.

Provention’s founding pipeline includes clinical assets licensed from Janssen Research & Development, LLC (Janssen) and Vactech OY, which we will be developing for type 1 diabetes (T1D), Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis, as well as emerging viral infections. The vision for each of these programs is to intervene before the targeted disease begins, re-appears or progresses in order to reduce the high morbidity, patient suffering, mortality and escalating costs of debilitating autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Type 1 Diabetes Prevention and Coxsackievirus B Vaccine >

Crohn’s disease, CSF-1R and PRV-6527 >

Ulcerative colitis, Toll-like receptors and PRV-300 >